Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Octobertures Kickstarter

Yeah, yeah, I'll get back to the reviews soon enough. But there's so much great stuff coming up that I would be remiss in not telling all my lovely readers about. You've all read my ravings about how awesome the concerts at G-Fest the last couple years have been. Well, John DeSentis, the conductor of said concerts, is putting together a CD of brand new studio recordings of music from classic horror, science fiction, and fantasy movies for release this October. If you're here reading this blog, then you probably love all those things as much as I do. You also probably love the music from those movies (and if you don't, then what kind of philistine are you!?). That being the case, you definitely want to hear what John will do with all that great music. The man is a master of his art and this project will blow your brain clean out of your ears. Thing is, you gotta help him get it off the ground first.

So click here and set the clock ticking for that time-lapse brain explosion this fall!

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